Only one Animal Control officer remains

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Within a week and a half, two Raleigh County Animal Control officers have resigned. One officer left his position, after receiving death threats after he was accused in the newspaper of threatening to shoot a dog.

“You know we’re set back a quite bit. We were getting somewhere between 20 and 40 calls a day. We had two trucks on the road basically splitting that up averages 15 to 20 calls per truck,” said County Commission Assistant Administrator Billy Michael.

Michael who oversees the officers says they are now put in a worse position than before. Now that they’re down to one officer it will take longer for them to respond to calls.

“Our animal’s control officers do not shut animals. The officer that supposedly that made the statement is a 15-year animal control officer and has never shot an animal,” said Michael.

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