One Tank Trip: The Pottery Place

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Winter is here, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to cozy up and start a new craft or hobby. The Pottery Place gives you the tools to do just that right in Beckley.

Through handmade ceramic sculptures and some paints, they give their guests the ability to create their very own art studio, all at an affordable price and in a way that is accessible for the whole family to pursue.

“All levels are welcome, and we have tools to help you if you’ve never done anything like this before, we have some really cool glazes that you don’t have to do much with that just turn out beautiful, we just have a ton techniques and we’ll help you,” the studio manager at the Pottery Place, Danielle Harper says.

The process is simple– guests come in, they choose from a variety of unique or themed sculptures, they paint them, leave them there for a week to be fired in the kiln, and then they come and pick them back up.

While most customers just walk in for regular painting sessions, The Pottery Place also offers clay and canvas classes about once a month, along with school field trips and parties for every occasion.

It’s simply the place to come for a new kind of experience and to explore a creative outlet.

“Especially in times, you know, like it is now, we have a stressful environment and it’s nice to have somewhere to go and sit down and relax,” Harper says. “We have a lot of people tell us that this is their art therapy and I love that, I think that that is very true.”

To find out more about their classes and everything else they have to offer, you can visit Pottery Place Beckley on their website or find them on their Facebook page.

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