One Tank Trip: Haunted Beckley

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Halloween may be over now, but you can still get some haunted thrills in Beckley all year round.

Haunted Beckley is the city’s premier ghost hunting and historical tour group where people can come to hear stories, and legends, get informed, and maybe even a little spooked. It’s led by historian and founder of the group, Scott Worley.

For 12 months out of the year, Worley takes people on traditional ghost tours, haunts, and history tours, and even hosts dinner events.

On the Friday before Halloween, it was of course no exception. He held his famous “Ghost, Legend and Lore” tour around the city of Beckley, where people were transported back to another time for just a little while.

“It takes you through the city of Beckley, you get to hear some of our legends, meet some folks from the past, and hear a few ghost stories that have been passed down throughout the ages,” Worley says.

Attendees of the tour met at Word Park at dusk. The very first stop was a downtown church that had been transformed into a hospital during the time Spanish Influenza infiltrated the city in the early 1900s.

Further down Neville Street, people heard more dark tales of mass graves being dug during the Civil War, unsolved crimes and mysteries, and even got to hear about the spirit of a lady dressed in red who allegedly still roams the grounds of the Raleigh County Courthouse.

“Tonight, we’re going to see if we can meet up with the lady in red at the courthouse that has actually been haunting the courthouse since the 1930s. We’re going to talk to the spirit of William Martin who was executed in the 1890s here,” he says. “And some of my favorite folks, we will meet up with the spirit of Frank Easter who is a coal miner who had a tragic accident in the 1940s.”

You can schedule your tour with Haunted Beckley by visiting their Facebook. You can also call Worley at (304)-228-1851 to schedule a tour.

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