One Tank Trip: Alderson Strawberry Festival

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – This week’s One Tank Trip is visiting a place where acres of sprawling pastures rest, and delectable strawberries reign supreme.

Nestled between Greenbrier and Monroe Counties, Alderson West Virginia is gearing up for its annual Strawberry Festival, a family-friendly day full of music, games, shopping, and of course, all things strawberry!

“The Alderson Strawberry Festival is a group effort, the town really comes together to bring strawberry-themed really everything that day,” says the festival coordinator, Sheena Pendley.

The main festivities during the event will take place at Alderson Alumni Park on the pedestrian bridge spanning across the Greenbrier River. Festival-goers are encouraged to make their way across the bridge to visit both Greenbrier and Monroe Counties throughout the day, as each side will be host to a plethora of activities.

From all-day live music to pony rides through town, this just makes up some of the activities to be had at the festival. Of course, strawberries are the main attraction, and they don’t seem to be in short supply. Local shops and restaurants come together to contribute their own strawberry-themed dishes.

Like most events and festivals, the Strawberry Festival was postponed for two years due to COVID, and everyone is ready for it to make its comeback.

“Locally Alderson has become known for our festivals, especially the 4th of July festival, and a few years back we started the Strawberry Festival and it was a huge hit, everyone I mention it to they’re excited it’s coming back since we couldn’t have it during COVID, so everyone is really excited for it to happen again,” Pendley says.

Along with contributions from the many local shops and restaurants, Sunset Berry Farm plays a major role in the event. Not only will they be contributing their fresh strawberries at the festival, but they will also be host to a petting zoo, and paintball, among several other activities at the farm.

People can check-in at the Alderson Depot on the day of the festival, this Saturday, May 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, people can also find the Alderson Strawberry Festival on their Facebook page.

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