Old Lillian James Learning Center burns down in fire

CRAB ORCHARD, WV (WOAY) – The fire in Crab Orchard yesterday took place at a structure behind the new Lillian James Learning Center.

The Center functions as a job and life skills training area for people with disabilities. The building that burned down was the original Learning Center before it moved to a new building up the hill.

“I showed up after everything was done,” said Office Manager Jessica Hix. “The firemen were here, and we are very thankful for all that they did. It was a mess, and it’s very sad. It was here for a long time, and I came here with my mom when I was young. It’s very sad, and I’m very said to see it go. A lot of people from the community have already contacted us and want to help. We hope to get things moving along quickly and recover quickly.”

The staff was called to the scene by the director once the fire rekindled.

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