Oakvale residents concerned about falling retaining wall

OAKVALE, WV (WOAY) – Oakvale residents continue to voice their concerns after a road that was promised to be fixed months ago still has yet to be properly repaired.

A retaining wall built two weeks ago is now falling apart. Residents are concerned and say it only a matter of days before the wall or this power pole falls on someone’s property. 

“It is very concerning to have this wall leaning towards my grandparents’ house. And the power pole especially. That’s where they get their power. And if it falls it can leave them stranded,” Ballard said.  

Cumberland road has been an on-going issue for Oakvale residents. Life-long resident Kimberly Ballard says driving on the road is a “life or death situation.” The road has been having issues since February. Residents are concerned about the lack of response from the DOH and fear the retaining wall will give out before the next inspection. 

“They came and they shaved a little off the side and it’s already pushing down from the top again,” Ballard said.

Residents who drive on Cumberland Road, are asking County and state officials for help in their efforts to have the narrow, crumbly road repaired. 

“We spoke at the town meeting, that’s the way the town is prepared,” Ballard said.  

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