Oak Hill Middle School hosts second round vaccination distribution for Fayette County School employees

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Over 200 Fayette County School employees were lined up to receive their second dose of the vaccine before 9 AM.

Each employee received an email confirmation for their appointment and passed a temperature check to enter the building to receive their dose.

“They will get the thermal check here, they will be checked to make sure that person is who they say they are, they will have their paper work filled out, checked off,” said Oak Hill Middle School Principal Cynthia Hedrick. “A nurse will take them to their seat, and from there, when it comes time to receive their vaccination. [Then] they’ll be taken up, they’ll receive their vaccination, and then they are placed back in socially distanced seats.”

Nurses and medical staff were prepared and aware of patient history as school employees received their second dose of the vaccine.

“We do have a fair amount of staff that has a history of reactions,” said Fayette County School Nurse Jeanne Black. “Of course we have the Jan Care here, there’s usually two of them here, and then all the nurses are very well-trained in reactions if that should occur.”

Fayette County School employees are hopeful that as more of them get fully vaccinated it will bring them closer to their ultimate goal of having students in person five days a week.

“The more that we can get in their second vaccination to know that we have friends coming in,” Hedrick said. “Yes they’re employees, but they’re friends from across the county, and so you get to visit them. You get to see, and you get to talk to people, and that’s important, but again it’s also a step in the right direction. I mean not only for our communities but for out education system.”

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