Oak Hill High School’s theatre department is kicking off the Christmas season with a show this weekend!

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- Oak Hill high school will be ringing in the holiday spirit with a production of the beloved broadway musical “White Christmas.” “White Christmas” is a story about two former WWII soldiers who became performers and meet a sister act. The story follows their adventure, romance, and act of giving through the christmas time.
The director of choirs and theatre at Oak Hill high school explains how he decided on this musical

“Well, the first thing I did, and it might have been the very first day of class, I asked the students what shows they thought they might like to perform. And so they gave me a long list of shows, and all of them were really big shows,” explained Joseph Dangerfeild Director of choirs and theatre at Oak Hill high school. “And I said, you know, if we do this big of a show, it’s going to require a lot of commitment, time commitment, financial commitment, hard work. And they were all like, let’s do it. So that’s what we’ve done. And I’ve supported their work 100%.”

He also explains his plan for the future of their program as this is his first year with Oak Hill high school.

“Traditionally, if I remember correctly, this theater has done big shows in the spring only so they spend time longer time working on them. My goal is to do a big show in the fall and a big show in the spring to give them more opportunities to perform and then hone their skills as performers,” expressed Dangerfeild.

The student performers share what they hope the audiences take away from seeing thier show, both from a story standpoint and their efforts as a program.

“Well, I know my biggest thing is I want people to see that we’re really starting to put some effort into the arts at oak hill high school because we haven’t always before,” expressed Amelia who plays Judy Haynes.

“And for the show, I just think it’s going to be a really fun time, good show, and the movie’s great. And so whoever watch the movie, you know, have a great time watching it on stage. It’s a realy fun show it’s really fun to work,” added Lily who plays Betty Haynes.

“From my perspective as an actor, I think that it’s really something that really gets people together and, you know, like it can bring a bunch of people who don’t even really know each other or have the same interests, but they can all come together for one good thing. And I think that’s I think that’s what the show is all about,” said Ariyah, one of the ensemble members.

“I want them to understand that like we’re a community. We bring everyone together. And just very heartwarming here in this that everyone just a big old group and family here,” expressed Trista, one of the ensemble members.

“I second that. And that christmas is not just about the gifts. It’s about bringing each other together,” added Thorson, another ensemble member.

And the holidays is a great time to bring people together, so regardless of what you celebrate this season, the cast and crew of oak hill’s production of white christmas hopes everyone can come together and support them, their show, and program.

If you want to watch and support the Red Devil’s show you have multiple opportunities:

Friday the 8th at 6 pm

Saturday the 9th at 6 pm

Sunday the 10th at 2 pm

All shows will be at the Oak Hill high school auditorium.

Tickets are only $10!

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