Oak Hill High School will be putting on ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ this weekend

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)— Oak Hill High School is putting on the horror comedy rock musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. The musical is loosely based on the 1960 film ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’. It was also made into a different film in 1986 with the same name.

This musical stars Audrey and Seymour as well as a plant who just wants to be fed. Audrey explains a bit about how the show goes.

“I work at this flower shop in Skid Row, and it’s kind of worn down and doesn’t get a lot of business,” explained Maraeya Stewart, Audrey. “Then Seymour, the main lead, finds this plant one day and starts feeding it something special. And you just have to come and see what happens.”

If that summary didn’t leave you hungry for more, the director talks about how it was selected for their spring musical.

“Well, basically, I talked to the students, and they chose this show because they all really liked it, obviously because of my charming personality,” said Audrey 2, voiced by Joseph Dangerfield, the director.

But why does this plant like to direct?

“Baby? I direct all the time. I love it. In fact, the greatest thing about this show is I get to eat everybody,” explained Audrey 2.

Heath Gilliam, who plays the mastermind behind Audrey 2, talks a bit about the rehearsal process.

“We’ve mostly done a bunch of the rehearsals in class, and it’s worked really well. The few we have had after school are just vocal rehearsals, and I’ve liked them,” said Gilliam.

He even talks about how it feels leading this show after leading ‘White Christmas’ in December.

“You kind of have the same, just where the shows are different. It’s more challenging, and this is more vocally challenging. So I like it because it’s more challenging,” explained Gilliam.

“Plus ‘White Christmas’ didn’t have me,” added Audrey 2.

Stewart and the director would like to leave everyone with this thought before and after you come to see the show.

“Don’t feed the plants,” said Stewart.

“Well, I think you should ignore that, Audrey 1. You should always feed the plants,” said Audrey 2.

The show runs this Friday at 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.

Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased at the door.

View the video below for a preview of the show!

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