Oak Hill gearing up for holiday decorating contest

Destination Downtown is sponsoring a holiday decorating contest. Get your application in by Dec. 9 and the judging will take place from Dec. 10 through Dec. 15. During those days make sure you have your lights on at night.

“They’re looking for your adherence to the theme, which is ‘Light it Up,’ so the more lights you have the better it will be; your originality, quality and design,” said city manager Damita Johnson.

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and for businesses — like Designs by Barb and James and residences ‘Light it Up’ in your best décor to participate in Oak Hill’s Holiday Decorating Contest and be as creative and as original as you can.

The goal is to see lights everywhere in town so people will enjoy driving around and checking it out.

“We have great citizens and they love to have things going on and to participate in those,” Johnson said.

According to the city manager, they are also having a decorating contest for the benches on the rail trail. So, if you bought a bench on the rail trail they’d love to see you decorate it for Christmas.”

“The mayor will actually be doing that judging on Dec. 8. And we will have a prize from Casto’s Greenhouses — to the winner,” she said. “And you’ll be able to use that to decorate your bench in the summer.”

Damita loves that community camaraderie during the holidays and seeing people out and happy.

“When we do our Christmas parade I love to see the children and the people out and see their eyes when the kids see Santa and when they get candy,” said the city manager. “It’s just a great place to be.”


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