Oak Hill community comes together to rescue missing parrot

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – An abnormally warm March day got even stranger on Main Street in Oak Hill today, as people conducting their business at the post office got a visit from a surprise guest.

JoJo, a yellow and green bird that is either a Quaker Parrot or Monk Parakeet, depending on who you ask, had herself quite the night by all accounts.

“She got out last night about 5:00 p.m. Alex [her boyfriend] walked up on the porch and my son left the door open and she flew right out. So she’s been outside since yesterday,” her owner Samantha Conley said.

One of Conley’s friends finally spotted JoJo Tuesday morning. As the two began to try to get JoJo out of the tree, a crowd began to form to see what the commotion was about and formulate a plan to get her down.

A sign company working on a project up the street offered to bring their bucket truck in to help.

“It’s happened a few times in the past, but that was for cats and things like that. Never a parrot, this is definitely a first,” Robby Brescoach, lead service technician for Alley Cat Signs, said. “I’m an animal lover. I’ve got a dog that I absolutely love. And then a whole bunch of chickens I love, You know, I know how it feels.”

Ultimately, their efforts weren’t needed. Just before the crew moved their truck over, Conley’s boyfriend was able to find a ladder and convince JoJo to fly down into the arms of Shannon.

“I’m so relieved. Thank you to everybody who shared my post on Facebook… I’m just very thankful that everybody was helping her,” Conley said.

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