Oak Hill City Council approves new ATV ordinance

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – On Monday night, the Oak Hill City Council had a second reading and passed an ordinance that implemented new provisions of enforcement for ATVs on city streets. Currently, residents are allowed to drive their ATVs on the roads, but there is no way to enforce safety measures until the passing of these four provisions of enforcement.

“One was to require helmets if you ride on the city streets,” said Oak Hill City Councilman Dave Perry. “Two was to establish a speed limit of no more than twenty-five on city streets and it requires a driver’s license. Fourthly, there are permitted hours only between sunrise and sunset.”

Three amendments were then added to the ordinance, one of which requires a license and/or Rimfire permit in order to operate on city streets. When it comes to getting the license you have to have your ATV inspected at a state inspection station just like your car.

“Now to pass inspection is going to have instead of these off-road tires it’s got to have what they call DOT tires,” said owner of Mohawk Powersports Robert Faulkner. “Which is a tire licensed by the department of transportation to run on the main road. It’s going to have to have mirrors, a horn which most units come with some of the ATVs don’t, and turn signals.”

Faulkner also said that many ATVs and side-by-sides don’t come with turn signals either, but you can order them as an after-market accessory and have them installed. Additionally, you would also have to have a windshield and/or a full-face helmet while riding on the roads. All of these provisions were passed to increase safety and encourage proper riding.

“It will certainly enhance safety and operation and it narrows the persons who can operate those vehicles,” Perry said. “In the long run, I think it will make an economic impact and at the same time provide provisions for stricter enforcement of the riding of ATVs.”

Councilman Perry also said that the Oak Hill ATV license and Rimfire permit enforcement would not go into effect for another two years.

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