Nicholas County Election Results

NICHOLAS COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- Final election results are in for Nicholas County.

For County Assessor, Ernie Dennison wins with 8,684 votes.

For County Commissioner, D. Craig Chapman, a Republican, has beat Incumbent Lyle Neal, a Democrat. The final vote was 5,444 votes for Chapman versus 4,693 votes for Neal.

For Nicholas County Family Court Judge Div. 16, Harley Eugene Stollings has beat both E. Scott Stanton and Jennifer G. Grindo. The final vote was 4,305 for Stollings to 3,660 for Stanton and 1,774 for Grindo.

For Nicholas County Prosecuting Attorney, Jonathan C. Sweeney wins with 8,124 votes.

For Sheriff, Incumbent William F. Nunley, a Democrat has beat Rodney A. Jamison, Republican. The final vote was 6,529 for Nunley to 3,511 for Jamison.

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