New River Primary class gets to have fun with numbers and ice cream on 2/22/22

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Ms. Foster’s second grade class at New River Primary is having fun with the number 2 for a unique date, Tuesday 2/22/22.

To celebrate its mathematical importance, the students also got to enjoy two scoops of their favorite ice cream from the Frozen Barn they voted on. They then took a survey of all 21 of their classmates on what their favorite flavors are between chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy, and Superman.

“We asked our friends and our classmates what their pick was and then we put an X on the choices and the name of the flavor,” second-grader Amelia Meadows says.

The students will use the information from the survey to make a digital bar graph. The last and most challenging step for the students will be to create and solve word problems relating to the theme of the project.

“They will eventually use the first scoop to create their own word problem from their own data they collected in this class that we shared with The Frozen Barn,” says Foster. “They will create their own word problem and they will write the equation on the second scoop.”

Continuing with Tuesday’s theme of 2, the double scoops of ice cream the class got also equals out to a total of 2 ounces.

The owner of the Frozen Barn, Tiffany Willis was happy to help heighten the fun for the students.

“It’s exciting,” says Willis. “This is part of the reason why I wanted to open an ice cream shop is for the younger kids and teenagers, something for them to look forward to, so it’s fun to be able to come to the school and help them learn a little bit about math.”

Along with the Frozen Barn, other entities within the school and around the community also helped the class with the project.

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