New River Humane Society receives supplies after taking in dozens of cats

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The New River Humane Society received a huge donation of supplies from their partner PetConnect Rescue, located near the D.C. area.

According to Kathy Gerencer, Board President, The Humane Society received an entire trailer full of donations. The supplies are in response to the shelter taking in 75 cats just last week. 

“That definitely put us on alert and got the word out to our partners letting them know that we were in need. Cat food, litter, dog food, crates, blankets, paper towels, you name it, they have come up with everything and it’s amazing,” Gerencer said.

Volunteers from around the area also stopped by to lend a hand in unloading the trailer, and the employees have always been hard at work and ready to help out when needed. 

“It’s amazing. It’s really awesome to help the animals, make sure they have a better, brighter future,” one employee said.

PetConnect Rescue is also evaluating some of the cats that were taken in last week. They’re willing to take what animals they can back to their area and help find them new owners, which would take a huge toll off of the Humane Society. The shelter hasn’t had to put any animals down for space reasons in years, and this will greatly reduce the chance of it happening now. 

“We truly rely upon our partners to keep us from having to put down perfectly healthy, friendly animals every week. And for our partner PetConnect Rescue to step up in this way is amazing.”

Counting cats they already have, plus the 75 taken in last week, the shelter has more than 100 cats it needs to take care of. And even with a large amount taken by PetConnect Rescue, the shelter will still have dozens of cats in need of adopting or fostering.

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