New program promises $1,500 payment for finding employment

WEST VIRGINIA, (WOAY) – Gov. Justice has announced the Job Jumpstart Program. The state plans to give a one-time payment of $1,500 to individuals who meet certain criteria and find employment that lasts for a minimum of eight weeks.

According to Justice, the state of Oklahoma tried something similar and saw a positive result. 

“Oklahoma has this program in place and it’s done really good,” Justice said. “And it’s brought a lot of people back into the workforce for good.”

The program is for West Virginia residents who currently receive some type of unemployment benefit, including SNAP, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Those who meet the criteria can then apply, and if they find employment of at least 32 hours a week for eight weeks, they will receive the one-time payment.

Justice added he is hoping the program leads to long-term work for these individuals.

“That’s what we want. We don’t want an eight week stint. We want you to come back, get a taste, and the value and the pride to be back working, because that’s what West Virginians do.” 

The program will become available starting February 1 and run through August 12, 2022, or until funding is expended. 

The Funding for the program comes from the $22 million left over from the state’s share of the CARES Act.

For more information on the program and eligibility requirements, visit Workforce West Virginia. 

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