New Harbor Freight location opens in Summersville

SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOAY) – This weekend Summersville is seeing a new store open in it’s community. 

Despite the issues with the pandemic, the new Harbor Freight location opened its doors and is so far seeing a great response. A local from Summersville shared his thoughts with us about the store, stating that it’s good for community growth. 

“Anytime we get something to bring jobs in it’s gonna help and it’s gonna bring people in from other areas, different counties. They’re gonna come to Summersville, shop. They’ll stop at all these food places and they’ll eat and that’ll bring more money into those. They’ll stop at the other stores, that’ll help also,” he said.

Harbor Freight is operating without issue during the pandemic, but has shortened its hours of operation and encourages shoppers to social distance.

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