New businesses thrive in downtown Summersville

SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The start of the pandemic brought economic turmoil for many small business owners, and many businesses closed their doors permanently.

But nearly two years into the ongoing health crisis, small business is making a comeback in some areas. 

In Nicholas County, two new businesses have recently recently opened in downtown Summersville. 

One is the Anchor To My Soul Barber Shop. Travis Persinger opened the shop last September, and says he started working six days a week to support his shop and do what he loves. 

“I had decided after working at several barber shops in the area that I wanted to go out on my own and find the mix between the corner barber shop and the modern day barber shop,” Persinger said.

Another new business is the Jaws and Paws pet store right next door. They opened just last week to immense community support, and have already sold out of many of their animals. 

Summersville hasn’t had a pet store since the last one closed down roughly two years ago. The Jaws and Paws owner Casey Humphrey says she used to work there, and spent a long time saving money to open her own pet store. 

“I worked really hard, I did several different jobs just to save up enough money,” Humphrey said. “It was tough, but I hope other people are ready to do it as well. “

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