Need for masks higher as state begins to reopen

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – As more people head out into public as the state reopens, the need for masks is greater than ever. 

To help mitigate the risk for the city of Oak Hill, a local couple made and donated 126 masks to the Oak Hill city government. Oak Hill Mayor Danny Wright says he knows that the masks will be an invaluable resource in the coming weeks. 

“I think that the employees of Oak Hill, every single one, will be very happy to get these masks. And on top of that they were done by two of our citizens,” Wright said.

The couple who made the masks, Mark and Connie Hurt, say it took more than two weeks to make them all from scratch.

Mark Hurt, who is also running for the House of Delegates in Fayette County, says that everyone should be wearing masks when in public and should continue to be careful.

“It’s very important as people are getting out going to more places opening, it’s very important to wear the masks. Even just going in and out when you get back out in your vehicle. Sanitize your hands and then take off your mask and wash your hands when you get home,” Hurt said.

The masks help by reducing the rate at which wearers of one infect others. But those with masks can still easily be infected by others without one. Because of this, Hurt insists that people not wearing masks in public should remember that it’s for the safety of the entire community. 

“We need to wear these masks for the protection of not just our family, our kids, but everyone else around as well. It’s very important.”

According to Mayor Wright, the city is going to be very cautious in the coming weeks due to the increased public presence. Even with masks, people are still going to be at risk when out in public, especially city employees who work with many citizens each day.

“We’re gonna do it slowly, and we’re not only gonna do it slowly, but check to see if we’re not having any problems arising from opening up early. So we’re gonna have to stop and check every so often,” Wright said.

Masks should also be worn even if the wearer is perfectly healthy, as the COVID-19 virus can take weeks to show symptoms, and some may never show symptoms but still be contagious.

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