NAACP encourages registered voters to vote

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – With the primary election less than 24 hours away, local leaders want the community to know how important voting actually is. The NAACP encourages all registered voters to participate and to let their vote be their voice.

“At this very school where the voting will take place tomorrow, I want you to come out here in record numbers and cast your vote,” said Raleigh-County NAACP President, Barbara Charles.

Out of more than 56 thousand registered voters in Raleigh County in 2016, nearly 20 thousand voted, which is about 35 percent. The local NAACP says that the number is even lower in the African American community.

“Voting is a very big issue that needs to be done among African Americans, I mean we understand voting is important, but everyone doesn’t go out to vote. They’ll talk about it and say things, but when it comes time to walk the walk, a lot of them will not do it,” said Beckley resident Barbara Reed.

Barbara Reed explains this election can help with job situations and community issues and, most importantly, the future of the youth.

“Also, it makes it an example for the children that are in the neighborhood, there children to know that you have to a voice through voting,” said Reed.

Visit to find your local polling place.

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