Music in the Mountains bluegrass concert coming to Glenwood Park this month

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Mercer County is gearing up for a bluegrass festival at Glenwood Park this month.

It’s set to be the first bluegrass concert put on at the park in roughly 40 years. The park used to be a haven for outdoor events, but that notoriety has fallen off substantially over the years.

And according to County Commissioner Greg Puckett, the county is hopeful to turn things around for the park. 

“Music in the Mountains is going to be great,” Puckett said. “We’ve got everything from our food truck vendors, to all of our talent, everybody’s gonna be excited to be there.”

This will be one of the biggest outdoor events put on in Mercer County in years. The county is hoping for a huge turnout.

“With everything going on right now and it being an outdoor event, we’re hoping to get 1,000 people. If we get 1,000 people we’re gonna be set.” 

Commissioner Puckett wants Glenwood Park to be revitalized to what it once was. And part of that process involves installing a permanent amphitheater at the park.

The County Commission had to reject some bids from companies on it’s construction, but is hopeful to get it done in the future.

“All the costs came back so high because of current materials costs. And we thought since we’re already doing a temporary stage [for this concert], there’s no need trying to push it through. If we can save the taxpayers a few more dollars on waiting it out, I think we’d be better off.” 

After the potential construction of the amphitheater, there will likely be more outdoor events at Glenwood Park. And Music in the Mountains will be the kickoff to the park’s revitalization

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