Multi-million dollar hotel being built in Raleigh County

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Soon there will be a new multi-million dollar hotel in Raleigh County. The luxury resort will be called Harper Hotel II and sit on Harper Road outside of the city of Beckley.

“Of course one of the good things is its not in the city and the county will be getting hotel-motel tax,” said Raleigh County Commission Pres. Dave Tolliver.

Raleigh County will receive a 6 percent hotel-motel tax from every room that is rented, every night.

“Extra money in the Park and Rec budget would mean additional programs, updated facilities, and just better parks in general,” said Executive Director of Parks and Rec Molly Williams.

“Let’s say of there’re full at 6 percent of each room, it will be a big boost for the Parks and Rec,” said Tolliver.

Construction on Harper Road has already started.

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