Monroe County voters to vote on Emergency Medical Service Ambulance Provider Levy this November

MONROE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Monroe County voters will be voting on an Emergency Medical Service Ambulance Provider Levy.

The levy, if passed, would be for the years beginning on July 1, 2021, and last for five years.

The levy would help with the following:

1. Salaries for two personnel for each of the two ambulance providers for 24-hour ambulance service countywide $525,600.00

2. Required tax obligations on salaries, (FICA 7.65%, Unemployment 1.5%, and Workers Comp. 1.5%) $55,977.00

3. EMS Coordinator Salary and Benefits: $35,989.00

4. Overtime for 2nd calls when the first ambulance is out Responding to a call and for providing ambulance service at Extracurricular and community events, when available. $84,101.00

5. A cost of living pay increase for ambulance provider personnel at 2% for each the five years of the levy. $43,325.00

That the approximate amount for said purpose, after making due allowance for delinquencies and exoneration, is approximately $700,665. annually, and the total approximate amount to be expended during the term of this levy is $3,503,325.00.

That the purposed additional rate of levy in cents on each class of property shall be as follows:
Class I 5
Class II 10
Class III 20
Class IV 20

Instructions: Those favoring the additional levies, fill in the oval next to “For the Levy.” Those opposed to the levy, fill in the oval next to “Against the Levy.”

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