Miller announces run for Fayette County sheriff

Chuck Miller is running for sheriff of Fayette County.

Miller, who owns Tee Time and Starlite drive-in in Oak Hill, wants to see some changes made in the sheriff’s office.

“You have to adjust to the new national park… you’re going to have an influx of people coming in, and with an influx of people, you know what that comes with that. Crime comes with that also,” Miller said. “That’s something we’re gonna have to look at and try to revamp. And also, a lot more training for the officers to bring them up to where we need to be.”

Miller previously ran for sheriff in 2020 and lost to current sheriff Mike Fridley. Fridley is unable to run again due to term limits.

Miller worked administrative jobs at several coal companies. He says that experience makes up for his lack of a law enforcement background.

“The sheriff’s job is to be the main administrator of the county,” Miller said. “But also I will get the law enforcement side done.”

His goal is to get things done and be accountable to the people of Fayette County.

“I’m a citizen of the county and a taxpayer of that county, just like everybody else is. I’m here to do the job, get it done, and make the county a better and safer place to be. If I don’t get the job done or do what I say I will do, you need to vote me out,” Miller said.

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