Michael Stover takes over as Wyoming County’s Circuit Clerk

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – It’s in his genes. Literally.

Michael Stover was sworn in as the new Wyoming County Circuit Clerk this week, replacing his brother, Bugs.

“It’s quite a responsibility,” (Michael) Stover said. “I’m stepping in to some big shoes of my brother. It’s something that I’m excited about doing. I’m ready to serve the people of Wyoming County.”

Bugs had two years left in his term upon leaving for his new role. Michael will be serving out that time while also looking ahead.

“I feel honored to come in and fill the remaining two years of my brother’s term,” Stover said. “I’m excited. I intend to carry on the duties of the clerk that my brother’s been doing for these two years, and prepare myself for the next election.”

Michael is ready to embrace a team effort as he embarks in his new role.

“We’re just going to continue trying to consolidate and organize the filing system,” Stover said. “I do want to take this opportunity to brag. I’m on an amazing staff that I have in the office. The ladies there have experience and knowledge, and I’m going to rely on them a lot.”

The first names might not be the same, but the last name “Stover” remains supreme in the Circuit Clerk’s office.

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