Mercer County sees greater turnout at vaccine clinics as boosters become available

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Mercer County Health Department hosted another COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Karen Preservati Center in Princeton.

The center also doubles as an education center for the Princeton Rescue Squad. It has served as the main clinic location in Mercer County since vaccines began to roll out early this year. 

In the winter when vaccines became available, the county ended up looking for an indoor location to keep people out of the weather during the clinics. 

And according to Stacey Hicks with the Princeton Rescue Squad, the Karen Preservati Center has enough room for social distancing, and even has an auditorium for people to have their 15 minute waiting period after getting the vaccine.

“We’re blessed to have the Preservati Center to do the vaccines here,” Hicks said. “We’ve got an auditorium to set the patients in after they get the shot. It’s just been a true blessing to have the facility.” 

This clinic also doubled as a chance for eligible people to get their booster shot. Booster shots are still only available for a limited group of at-risk people, but the CDC says they are incredibly effective at boosting the effects of the vaccine and keeping people protected.

“Now the people that were vaccinated back in December, January, February, it’s time for them to get a booster. It’s imperative they get their third dose.” 

Another clinic will take place at the Karen Preservati Center in Princeton this Thursday from 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

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