Memorial sign dedicated in honor of late Shirley Love

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Former West Virginia Senator and once WOAY employee Shirley Love was honored today as a road was dedicated to the great name from the wild and wonderful.

The name Shirley Love should be familiar to all West Virginians as he served in the State Senate for 14 years and also began a broadcast career here in Oak Hill.

Starting early in radio, Love has been best known for his broadcasting days; even being the voice of Oak Hill High School football for nearly 40 years.

One person in attendance was Austin Haynes, a member of the House of Delegates. He said, “You know, it was really a loss when Shirley passed away, but his memory will last for a long time now.”

Just a month before passing, Love had shared his 68th wedding anniversary with his love, Audrey.

Mrs. Love said, “It says a lot about him. What he was like, and they said they respected him and loved him. It was just a great thing.”

You can see the memorial sign in Oak Hill on Gatewood Road, where he spent a lot of his time.

His wife Audrey plans to get a memorial bench put in at the post office, but as of now, he is being remembered in the hearts of West Virginians, his family and now Gatewood Road.

Audrey said, “People love him. He’s just a wonderful man and one thing he left was love. The one thing he left was love.”

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