McDowell County Commission on Aging fosters “Hometown Hero of the Day” initiative

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – Driving around Welch recently, Dr. Donald Reed’s son recounted how he’d been helped by a community member after he broke his leg.

Upon hearing this, Reed was inspired to start a “Hometown Hero” project with the McDowell County Commission on Aging.

“I thought, ‘you know, that person does so much good and they’re often not recognized,'” Reed said, the Executive Director of the McDowell County Commission on Aging. “So I thought, ‘we should start a Hometown Hero’s project.'”

Each day in the month of February, the Commission on Aging picks someone who does great things in McDowell County, that often go unrecognized, as its “Hero of the Day.”

“These truly are everyday heroes,” Reed said. “Most are really shocked and honored that someone took notice of their passion or their efforts to make this a better place to live.”

The only criteria when nominating someone for “Hero of the Day” is that the nominee is a McDowell County resident and not an elected official.

“We featured one of our local doctors who will sit for hours if you’re in need to make sure that you’re better,” Reed said. “I think of people who make sure that people are clothed and fed.”

For those who are awarded, nominated, or look forward to seeing who their hero is each morning, the Commission on Aging has made an impact throughout the county.

“It’s good to focus on what’s right about McDowell County.”

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