Marquee Cinemas requests tax exoneration from the Raleigh County Commission

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Marquee Cinemas in Beckley put in a request to the Raleigh County Commission for tax exoneration.

The request is for a 6 month reprieve, totaling close to $90,000, for the complex where the cinema is located in Beckley. The commission has decided to take the request under advisement with caution. Raleigh County is currently down $1.7 million in tax payments.

“Since November, it was down $1.7 million in Raleigh County,” said Raleigh County Commission President Dave Tolliver. “The Sheriff told us today that in February, which we haven’t gotten the final total, a lot of people have started paying their taxes. In March, they’ll start paying them. Hopefully, the $1.7 million will be made up in February.”

Marquee Cinemas received nearly $1,000,000 from the Care’s Act that was used for personal property in several Marquee Cinemas locations.

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