Mabscott 5th-Graders Fights Back

5th-graders from Mabscott Elementary created a music video to combat bullying.

Crystal Yost, a 5th-grade teacher at Mabscott, said their class has dealt with bullying in the past. “We were definitely affected by it. It wasn’t to the level of some instances you see elsewhere, but there definitely was mean things being said to each other,” said Crystal.

Some of the students we interviewed said they had been bullied in the past.

“I was pretty upset but then I understood you don’t know what is happening with them. Something bad
could be happening to them or they could be having a bad day,” said 5th-grader Abigail Howell.

“It didn’t make me feel good. It made me feel a little angry and sad,” said classmate Austin Stapleton.

These students decided to make a change and they knew it had to begin with their class.

“I think another reason we focused on it was that it’s one of the main problems in schools and
it is a problem more people face then they should,” said 5th-grader Rae’leigh Wilder.

“Through this video, we kind of came together as a class and we broke down those walls where it’s
not just the athletic kids go over here and the smarter kids are over there. We broke down those barriers where everybody sees everybody else and we cheer for each other and we are happy for each other’s accomplishments,” said Crystal Yost.

“We are a family,” said 5th-grade teacher Christy Delp.

The anti-bullying message these 5th-graders are sending throughout this video is very clear.

“Don’t bully! If you bully it will come back to you I promise! Nobody is perfect,
remember that! Only the man upstairs is perfect! Amen,” said Austin Stapleton.

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Jonathan Chance
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