Local supermarket employee retires after 54 years

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Bob Black is the dairy section stock boy at Grants Supermarket who has worked in the building currently owned by the grocery store for 54 years. While Bob’s primary job is stocking the dairy section his manager says he has done just about everything there is to do in a supermarket.

“He is the rock in this store, he is our go to guy, he has seen different owners different companies,” said Store Manager Dennis Ramsey. “He has seen employees go, he has seen managers go and now he has decided to go on to the better pastures of his life and I hate to see him go because he is the leader of all ages and it’s going to be hard without him.”

Bob’s work ethic isn’t the only thing that the other employees love about him either.

“I just am so happy that I had the pleasure of working with him and talking with him,” said Grants Cashier Cheryle Jackson. “On his lunch breaks he always brags about his wife’s cooking and he’s just like a one of a kind guy.”

Not only has Jackson worked with Bob for six years, but she has known him since she was a little kid when she used to shop at the A and P supermarket with her mother.

Bob says the thing he will miss most about working at Grants is the people because they are the best crew he’s ever worked with, but says he looks forward to getting to spend more time with his wife.

“Working in my garden, my yard, and going on trips with my wife and taking it easy,” said Grants Retiree Bob Black.

Store Manager Dennis Ramsey also said that Bob won’t be replaced because you cannot replace perfection.

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