Local School Shows Appreciation for its Teachers

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – As a show of appreciation for their hard work teachers at Oak Hill High School received a cool treat Thursday afternoon.

The high school purchased shaved ice for the teachers to enjoy in the nice spring weather. This is one of the many events teachers have been partaking in this week as a way for the school and community to show their appreciation for the teachers who have gone above and beyond this school year.

“Oak Hill High School has been supported for many years by the community,” said Oak Hill High Spanish Teacher Stacey Carroll. “With just showing up to events for the students and showing up for the teachers. We have a great administration here at Oak Hill High School who have provided the shaved ice for us today. They definitely appreciate us and they demonstrate that and it definitely makes coming to work much more enjoyable.”

Carroll says her favorite part of being a teacher is watching her students develop into great citizens.

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