Local restaurant talks running business during coronavirus pandemic

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – As more and more coronavirus cases arrive in West Virginia local bars and restaurants continue to struggle during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just when we start doing really good for us the numbers started dropping back down with everything going on,” said co-owner Julian Ayala.

Local bars and restaurants are forced to close their doors to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. While big food chains can afford the lost revenue. Local restaurants like family owned Mexican restaurant El Bandido is hoping for the best.

“Carry out started for us on Wednesday and it was our first day. It went better than what I expected, but it barley did numbers. Numbers to where you’re barley making it by and paying for the food and for your workers. We already had to cut off half the staff, but thankfully all our employees are happy and understands,” said Ayala.

The year and a half old restaurant is one of Oak Hill‘s most popular eating spots. One of the owners, Julian Ayala says the restaurant is still up and running thanks to the community.

“Everyone has been giving us a lot of support and loving us. We’re doing our best to make sure they’re all enjoying our food and giving them the best experience possible. They’re really nice people here and we just try to love and give back,” said Ayala.

For more information on hours, and food orders follow El Bandido’s Facebook page for updates.

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