Local parade organizer responds to safety concerns after Milwaukee tragedy

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Investigators are still looking into the Christmas parade tragedy occurring in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sunday, as a driver of an SUV plowed through the parade, killing at least 5 and injuring over 40 bystanders.

And now with the beloved Christmas parades coming up in the area, what can be done to ensure such a tragedy doesn’t happen right here at home?

“We work with our local police officers and the deputy sheriffs to make sure we do every precaution we can to protect our town and our citizens,” says Zenda Vance with the Town of Fayetteville.

What is supposed to be a joyous time full of music, dancing, and holiday cheer became a deadly scene in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha Wisconsin, and while it’s an incident no one was quite prepared for, it is now setting the stage for extra caution at city Christmas parades across the nation.

And gearing up for the town of Fayetteville’s Christmas parade closer to home, they plan to be safe while still enjoying the annual festivities.

“We always have to watch our surroundings anywhere we are, and we just ask everybody to be cautious,” she says. “We will have our police department out with us and they will stay on top of everything and hopefully everything goes very smoothly.”

Fayetteville has seen much success with its evening time Christmas parade in the past many years it’s been held, and parade organizers expect this year to see the same success, despite the country still reeling from the Milwaukee parade tragedy.

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