Local municipalities to receive direct funding from American Jobs Plan

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The American Jobs Plan is a $1.9 trillion bill passed by Congress back in March of this year.

This round of funding is more unique than other federal initiatives, and will see individual municipalities get the chance to spend money in their own preferred ways.

The town of Princeton is receiving more than $2 million, and other smaller towns are getting direct funds as well.

“You’ve gotta get that representation,” said County Commissioner Greg Puckett. “You’ve got Athens, Oakvale, Bramwell, they’re gonna get some funds too. So we’ve got to figure out how that money is gonna be spent the best way.”

Many towns are set to receive funding, but they aren’t sure how to spend it yet. Local leaders are still waiting on guidance from the state audit office on how the funds can legally be spent when they’re finally dispersed. 

The American Jobs Plan has a focus on infrastructure and wants to see improvement be made on roads, drinking water, broadband and much more. 

“Now is the time to invest in broadband. We have to invest in water and sewer projects. All of these infrastructure projects we’ve needed forever. This is the one opportunity we’ll be able to do it.”

In Mercer, towns expecting funding include Princeton receiving $2.3 million, Bluefield $4.1 million, and then smaller towns such as Athens receiving $370,000, Matoaka $80,000 and even Oakvale, a town with less than 100 residents receiving $50,000.

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