Local hospital uses Mako Smart Robotics System to assist surgeons in the operating room

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Mako is a smart robotics system designed to help doctors perform hip and knee replacement surgery.

The technology purchased by Princeton Community Hospital can help surgeons perform extremely delicate and precise maneuvers. 

“We wanted to ensure this community that we can provide the technology and equipment needed to do a great job,” said Princeton Community Hospital President and CEO Karen Bowling.

It starts with a CT scan of the patient’s joint. It shows their unique anatomy, giving doctors an up-close and detailed look. This helps the planning process so they can plan every cut during the surgery.

And planning everything out means cutting away less tissue and bone, and only losing what’s necessary.

“What robotic technology offers for patients is a very precise, highly personal plan that is done in three dimensions,” said Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Philip Branson. “And what the results are for patients are faster recovery, less pain and less pain medication.” 

Mako takes care in the aspect of safety as well. The robot can use haptic technology to let it know the exact size of the bone to the millimeter, giving patients an extra layer of safety to prevent unneeded cuts. 

Princeton Community Hospital’s Orthopedic Center is one of only three in the entire state to have technology like this.

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