Local barbeque restaurant expanding to new locations

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Last year, restaurant owner Fred Dolin beat the odds of opening a small barbeque joint during a pandemic, and on June 19, 2020, the Pink Pig in Fayetteville officially opened its doors. And now, in the midst of this fully functioning restaurant, Dolin is taking his vision of the Pink Pig even further.

“It’s a big benefit to the community and it actually draws more people in getting to now stop at two restaurants in the area, now they have more of a variety,” says Travis Wolford, line cook, and son of the owner of The Pink Pig.

The new Pink Pig is located on 801 South Kanawha Street right next to the campus of WVU Tech in downtown Beckley, and it will be ready to start pumping out all of its traditional briskets, ribs, and pulled pork barbeques starting this weekend on August 14th, and returning visitors can expect it to be about the same besides one more menu item.

“The menus are pretty much the same but in Beckley, they will be serving hand-dipped ice cream once they open, they’ll have an ice cream bar there which we don’t have the room for here,” he says.

In addition, The Pink Pig has already been open in Huntington since the end of last month, but it doesn’t look like the Owner Fred will be stopping with fulfilling his barbeque dream at just these three restaurants.

“Fred actually had it in mind, his original goal is that he wants to be on Pitmasters because this is a barbeque place and we’re one of the top restaurants in Fayetteville. Fred’s doing really good and it will be good for the communities where he’s opening the other restaurants in, as well, it’s a good restaurant and we have some of the best barbeques in West Virginia.”

Beyond the yummy food, the Fayetteville Pink Pig also has a great atmosphere, with live music every Friday and Saturday night, something that Fred plans to get started in the other locations soon, as well.

And if you’re a live music fan, Acoustic Fusion will be playing live at The Pink Pig in Fayetteville this evening. For more information on their live music schedule and new locations, visit our website WOAY.com and click on the Pink Pig link.

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