Local and regional organizations helping to tackle food inflation, giving away food to those who need it most

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – Food is just one of the many daily necessities that are seeing the highest prices in over 40 years.

It’s due to the 9.1% annual inflation rate that’s currently sweeping the U.S. Data from June’s Consumer Price Index Report reveals that food inflation alone rose up to 10.4%.

While this has put a damper on everyone’s wallets, one group is hit with the effects more than others, and that’s senior citizens.

“Many of them are already on a very limited budget, and now that food costs have gone to where they are, they just can’t afford to buy what it takes to have a meal.”

But Kanawha Valley Senior Services is changing that regional narrative.

They provide home-delivered meals to homebound seniors in the Charleston area. Recently the facility has seen an increase of up to 10,000 meals being delivered to seniors than last year. Every week, 10 of the drivers’ hand-deliver the meals to the seniors.

The CEO of Kanawha Valley Senior Services, Vicky Foster says it’s not only helping to feed them during a time when food costs are high, but it also provides them with friendly faces.

“We always talk about it being more than a meal, and that’s because we know that inflation has affected the need, but also we know that these people don’t have anybody,” Foster says. “And so, our drivers are the only person that a lot of them see each day.”

Foster says there are similar programs like it popping up across the state.

Closer to home, many take advantage of feeding programs like the Mountaineer Food Bank. And it’s not just the elderly who benefit. Since the first day that the food bank was held to the public this year, it has seen a growth from 40 families up to around 220.

“Programs like today enable families, especially with young kids or folks that are retired to have the critical food that they need to get by,” says a volunteer of the food pantry and a candidate for the House of Delegates for the 45th district. “Food prices are increasing, we know that inflation is still here, and programs like this today can help families that are in need.”

Martine says that the program is still growing.

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