Library allows patrons to rent physical items via curbside pickup

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Princeton Public Library is going a step beyond online services and is offering curbside pickup for physical rentals. 

Patrons simply need to call the library to request a rental, give some information and they can pick up their rental outside the building.

Sheena Johnson, director of the library, says that providing pickup for physical items like books and magazines will give patrons even more options during these difficult times. 

“We want to follow by these guidelines, but we also want to give some type of normalcy to patrons. And a lot of patrons don’t like accessing material online. So we want to give an option for those who may not be as interested in the virtual realm,” Sheena said.

As of now, curbside pickup for physical rentals will be available only on Wednesdays.

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