Libraries offer online resources for those stuck at home

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Libraries around the state may be closed to the public, but they still have many online resources to take advantage of. 

The Fayette County Public Library offers audiobooks, magazines and databases for free through their website. Becky Kellum, director of the Fayette County Public Library, says the public can still access many of their resources online. 

“We have different databases, there’s one called Information Depot. They can click on it, it takes them to different databases. There’s business, health, there’s a couple just for children to do studies. We also have the West Virginia Deli, which is our Overdrive ebooks and audiobooks,” Kellum said. 

Although the library can still operate remotely, the director is hoping it will be open to the public again sometime next month. 


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