Lewisburg City Council denies request to raise chickens

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – A proposed ordinance that would allow Lewisburg residents to raise chickens died in a city council meeting last week.

Lewisburg Council turned down the proposal that essentially would have permitted residents to raise chickens within the city limits.

“I did some research; I brought forth a proposal that maybe we could allow chickens in city limits with a number of restrictions. For example, no rosters, boundaries lines where chicken coops would have to be kept back from dwellings, things like that,” said Councilmember Sarah Elkins.

Elkins says the proposal to permit chicken as pets or egg sources has been an ongoing discussion.

“This has taken now three months of conversation. I brought it up in one meeting; we discussed it further in a second meeting. We had some individuals speak out and said they were opposed to it. A few people have been in support of it, but by and large, were opposed to the idea, and the rest of the council was lukewarm,” said Elkins.

Even though the proposal died, Elkins says it wasn’t without great thought and effort. Lewisburg City attorney drafted a city code amendment that would allow a half-acre lot like the minimum size in which chicken could be kept.

“We took a look at the code in the last meeting in the last meeting, I believe. But yet again, there was more opposition from the public. And so we decided, actually, my colleague, Erin Seens, made the motion to table it indefinitely because there was so much opposition and I felt it was my responsibility to second that. We entertained it, and it just didn’t go,” said Elkins.

For more information on the proposal, you can contact Lewisburg City Hall.

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