Lewisburg Carnegie Hall cancels “TOOT” festival

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Lewisburg Carnegie Hall announced that it will be canceling what would have been the 36th Taste of Our Towns food and music festival.

The festival is held on the second Saturday in October every year and is one of Carnegie Hall’s largest fundraisers. The large crowds in limited spaces led to the Board of Directors and staff at Carnegie Hall ultimately deciding that it wouldn’t be safe to hold the festival.

“We really have to recruit vendors months in advance. We have to get permits from the city, do emergency plans,” said Carnegie Hall President/CEO Sara Crickenberger. “All kinds of things. Put our entertainment roster together. Do marketing. There just wasn’t any way to make all of that happen, and do it in anticipation that things might change and we might be able to hold the festival.”

For more information about TOOT and Carnegie Hall, email info@carnegiehallwv.ofg.

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