Law enforcement officials advise safety when travelling for New Year’s

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Even though the weather winter has improved within the last few days, conditions could still be wet throughout the week.

When travelling for the new year, it’s important to have extra awareness out on the roads.

“The biggest thing about travelling around these holiday times of the year is to be a defensive driver,” said Wyoming County Chief Deputy Bradley Ellison. “Always look out for other drivers on the road. You might be doing everything correctly and obeying the speed limits. Not drinking and driving. But you have to always be aware of that other vehicle on the road.”

While all holidays typically result in increased travel, those during the winter have tougher conditions. In an area with a heavy mixture of main roads and back roads, remaining attentive and driving with caution carry the upmost importance.

“Always be aware,” Ellison said. “Especially this time of year. If you have a thaw and then a quick freeze, you will have black ice. It might not be in your city areas. It could be back on the major county roads where the sun doesn’t shine on the roads. They stay slick a lot longer than the main roads do.”

And even with less drivers on the road due to the pandemic, there is still a significant percentage of people driving between areas and states. Law enforcement departments recognize this and act accordingly.

“During this time of year, there’s going to be law enforcement out everywhere,” Ellison said. “They usually beef up trying to keep the roads safe from aggressive drivers, speeders, drunk drivers. So just always be aware. Obey your speed limits of the state you’re coming to.”

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