Lake Stephens and Stoco Community Park to receive new attractions

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Two Raleigh County locations receive approval for new attractions.

Lake Stephens and Stoco Community park will be each be getting new playgrounds installed this summer. Each new playground will be replacing an older one and the cost amounts to $80,000 for purchase and installation.

“It’s very exciting, much needed in these two areas,” said Raleigh County Parks and Recreation Executive Director Molly Williams. “The first one is going to go to Stoco Community Park and it’s going to replace the current playground that’s there that’s in disrepair and just needs to be taken out. So, we’re happy to replace it with something new and pretty and bright. The Lake Stephens playground is going to go between the cabins and the tent area. That too had an older playground in it and so we’re going to be taking that out.”

Williams expects both playgrounds to be installed within the next two months.

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