Kumo Japan shares the love on their grand re-opening

Much loved Kumo Japan of Beckley had their grand re-opening celebration and they say they are now ready to introduce their new menu to the public.

“A lot of experimenting with the bar menu and a lot of experimenting with the food menu because we wanted to introduce new things, but we didn’t want to put anything on the menu that we weren’t 100 percent confident with,” said manager/server Kerry Wade.

So they decided to add more Asian fusion.

“Rather than Japanese food,” Wade said. “So we have a lot of Thai, Chinese, we even have some Vietnamese food now.”

There’s something for everyone.

“Various versions of types of food on the menu and everything is very good,” said Master Sergeant Derek Tilley.

Wade says the restaurant started about 12 years ago as Kimono and evolved into Kumo Japan. Her favorite thing on the menu so far…

“I absolutely love our Tonkotsu Ramen and our Pho soup, a Vietnamese soup. It’s like a little hug in a bowl on a cold day,” said the manager. “I feel like we have some of the best around for sure. And we took our time trying to create the right recipe so it’s definitely made with love.”

She says the food is pretty close to authentic and made from scratch.

“Our guys try and bring a little piece from home into what they’re cooking,” Wade said. “So it’s really nice to kind of have something that feels homey.”

As part of the team for the past six years, Wade says she loves everything about working there, the new ideas they come up with and the community being so warm, welcoming and receptive. It was just time for Kimono to have a change.

“I like to call this Kimono 2.0 or Kimono reimagined. Kumo’s still going strong and will continue,” she said.

According to Tilley, he and his family enjoy the atmosphere and variety of food, so two days a week they head over to Kumo Japan. It’s one of their favorites.

“We’re always open to new flavors, new tastes,” Wade said. “We love having it local — something easy, accessible.”

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