Kermit Moore sworn in as new Mercer County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

MERCER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – On Thursday Kermit Moore was sworn in as Mercer County’s new assistant prosecuting attorney. Moore has been a trial lawyer for over thirty years and says he is honored to serve the people of Mercer County.

“Well I’m quite honored, it’s a pleasure I look forward to the opportunity to work with the people of Mercer County,” said Mercer County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kermit Moore. “I’ve known Brian Cochran, the prosecutor, for many years and I look forward to working with him for the people here in the county.”

As Moore mentioned he has known the county’s current prosecuting attorney, Brian Cochran, and even served as Cochran’s mentor. Cochran says that getting Moore to come and be apart of the prosecutor’s office is a huge win for the citizens of Mercer County because of his outstanding ethics.

“He’s just a true gentleman,” said Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Cochran. “He is a fine, fine outstanding person, has tremendous ethics when it comes to practicing law. He is going to be a tremendous influence and benefit to all of the lawyers in the office.”

When asked what he looks to accomplish while in office, Moore says he plans to use his trial experience to work on felony cases in the county. Prosecutor Cochran says that is exactly what they plan to have him do.

“We’re going to have Kermit concentrate on assisting me and some of the other lawyers in our office with some of the major felonies that are going on here in Mercer County,” Cochran said. “Crimes against children, drug cases, we want to really get after some drug dealers here in Mercer County, and of course violent crimes. He is going to be a huge asset here.”

Congratulations to Kermit Moore on being sworn in.

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