Ways to keep your pets calm during Independence Day fireworks

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – While we have fun and celebrate this upcoming holiday, keep in mind that our furry friends aren’t the biggest fans of the fireworks we have all grown to love.

Any pet can get PTSD from the loud noises of fireworks, however there are some solutions to help calm their nerves.

Veterinarian Technician Heather Pennington said, “Thunder shirts, as they’re called. Some people have used them. Half say they work, half say they don’t work. It just depends on your pet, but you can get them from Amazon.”

One of the most important factors in preparing your pets for this Independence Day weekend is to update their identification.

Make sure to have all correct information on their tags and register microchips under the correct address by chance your pet escapes.

Foster and Outreach Coordinator at the Raleigh County Humane Society Victorya Wade said many pets tend to bolt. “Typically a lot of strays come in. They can take off, they’re going to run. Cats especially. It’s terrifying and they have nowhere to go, so they can travel extremely far.”

Pet-owners can create a safe space with familiar items like blankets, toys and plenty of food and water.

Although we would like to celebrate this holiday with our fur-babies, it is advised to keep them far and distracted from fireworks.

Veterinarian Leigh Deal spoke on a different route. “Some animals do require some medication depending on how severe their anxiety is. A lot of animals can hurt themselves or destroy carpeting or doors when trying to furiously get away.”

The Raleigh County Humane Society is currently offering a $1.00 tag deal where you can get your pets up to date by chance they do get out.

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