Justice announces Omnis to come to Wyoming County, plans to use coal waste for economic development

MULLENS, WV (WOAY) – After investing in Bluefield back in March, a leading tech company known as Omnis has come to Wyoming County.

Governor Jim Justice was joined by many other dignitaries and community members in Mullens Thursday to announce the arrival of Omnis Sublimation Recovery Technologies (OSRT).

They will be investing $60 million in the county to extract rare earth metals from coal waste impoundments.

The waste is rich in these critical and rare metals that are essential for building smartphones and other new electronics.

They provide an innovative opportunity for West Virginia, one that will lead to 100 new jobs and much economic growth for the state.

“Your governor, sitting with a bulldog, is sitting, getting ready to introduce a man that may have the technology to do something environmentally almost pristine beyond all comprehension, and to do something with what we have already done,” says Justice. “We’ve given our sweat, and our lives, and every single thing we have to produce the coal we’ve produced and the waste.”

Omnis has already begun engineering and will soon start site infrastructure. The building and equipment are expected to be completed and installed by mid-2023.

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