Justice: 911 call about Wriston was a “set-up”

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – Governor Justice has released more information about the traffic stop of Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston.

In his words, it was a “set-up.”

Justice gave a brief update on the situation in his briefing today, saying that his comments last week about his “concern” and “disappointment” were not about Wriston’s conduct, but rather the situation itself.

Today, Justice told reporters that his information leads him to believe that Wriston was being targeted.

“We have every reason now to believe that Jimmy Wriston was just set up. We are waiting on the Charleston Police Department and Kanawha County prosecutor to bring us a lot more information,” he said. “There are just some folks out there that have different vendettas doing stuff to people that just isn’t fair.”

Wriston was initially pulled over after a 911 caller who identified themselves as an “off-duty state trooper” claimed that Wriston was seen driving his company truck erratically.

Members of the Charleston police department conducted a field sobriety test but did not arrest him.

An internal investigation into the situation found that the 911 caller was not an off-duty trooper and that the description of Wriston’s driving was not accurate. Officers did smell alcohol, which led them to conduct the field sobriety test, but were not able to establish that he was intoxicated.

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