‘It prevents us from having to quarantine’: Fayette County Schools imposing mask mandate for indoor winter sporting events

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – All Fayette County residents attending indoor high school sporting events this winter will be required to mask up.

Fayette County Schools’ is requiring face masks at all indoor sporting events while Fayette is in red on the color coding map. The policy for sporting events lines up with the current mask mandate in schools as long as the county is in red.

“We do have an indoor mask requirement,” said Fayette County Schools’ Superintendent Gary Hough. “We asked our parents to really comply, our students to comply also. They’ve been doing a really good job in our school settings. When you attend your child’s Christmas events or anything at school, please have your mask on. It prevents us from having to quarantine people and send students home.”

Hough added that the start of the winter sports season has been a success so far with the mask mandate.

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